Adult Ballet & Pilates

Announcing the beginning of Ballet & Adult Pilates Classes starting in September 2022. This class is taught by our PTP 1/2 teacher Jessica. Jessica is also a certified Pilates teacher. Classes are 90min long.

Our Adult Ballet class is a great workout for the whole body and the mind. This class blends the classism, artistry, and strength training to create a workout that strengthens muscles as well as coordination and flexibility. These classes will help the students to develop longer leaner and toned muscles. In addition to focus on posture and technical strength, the students will have the ability to explore the expressive nature of ballet. Through movement and music, they will learn to emote feelings, release stress, enjoy freedom of movement and express their moods.

Pilates is a method of conditioning that trains both the body and mind. It strengthens the core, increases flexibility, improves posture, and helps manage stress and pain. Classes are designed to build strength, control, and endurance. It puts an emphasis on alignment, breathing, core stability, improving coordination, and balance.

This class is a mat-based class, with non-impact exercises and the inclusion of props that welcomes all ages and levels of students. Our classes will focus on putting a contemporary, fun, and creative spin on the exercises while using your body weight to strengthen and tone the muscles. Each class will end with a section that focuses on the deep stretching and recovery that everyone needs, but often doesn’t take the time to do. Our stretching series is designed to improve your flexibility, reduce pain and improve your workout.

Our adult Ballet / Pilates classes are appropriate for all levels and will be modified to each individual person’s needs!

Contact us for class schedule and cost: or call us 301-593-6262